March 28, 2023

It’s so hard to distract myself right now from the sadness and grief over the school shooting at Covenant. It’s less than 3 miles from where I’m sitting right now. Those children, those babies, are the same age as my sweet K. I’ve cried so much over the past 24 hours. And I’m so angry at the ‘thoughts and prayers’ bunch. Fuck all of them. The governor and political leadership of this state have blood on their hands.

March 25, 2023: Once a Nona . . .

Enjoying the weather by sitting on the patio at Mexican restaurant for lunch. There’s a new baby crying at the next table, which is fine because babies cry. But the grandmother in me is itching to pick him up and walk/pat until he’s soothed and asleep.  And as a complete stranger to the family, I know I just can’t go over and volunteer to play baby soother. *Lol* But I want to . . .

March 23, 2023: titles are hard

I’ve got nothing clever for the title for today so . . .

Last Friday’s movie was “The Rules of the Game” from the list I mentioned here. It was the second movie in a row with subtitles, you know, because I’m all cultured and shit. Every married person was sleeping with someone else, or trying to sleep with someone else, and lying about it, and at the end, killing for it and then lying about that. I have to admit, though, I love movies from the 30s, for the clothes and the stiff manners and clutch kisses where the couple just smash their mouths together and then don’t move. Fascinting stuff, not the least of which is how all that satin lingerie stays creaseless.

I also finished “Columbo” last night. The last episode starred a young Matthew Rhys who was already brilliant. I feel like I need to rewatch “The Americans.” Or “Death Comes to Pemberly.” Next up, “Quincy” or “Kolchak,” depending on which one I can find streaming.

Oh, and I finished “Star Trek: The Next Generation” this week, too, which means tomorrow’s movie will be “Star Trek: Generations” since I’m making my way through all of the Star Trek canon in order. No subtitles there, unless someone translates Klingon. 🙂

March 17, 2022: Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I’ve been on PTO all week so a holiday is a good way to end it. Not that I’m doing anything to celebrate; I’ve been busy all week with my granddaughters and errands so today is the first chance I’ve had to just sit and do nothing so I fully intend to take advantage of that.

Last Friday’s movie was “The Seven Samurai.” I found a website with a list of the 100 greatest movies of all time (according to the writers, anyway) so I thought I’d work my way through it. I’ve seen a lot of them but there are enough of the rest to keep me busy for a while.

Anyway, ‘The Seven Samurai’ was on the list so I thought it would be a good place to start. I didn’t realize it was over three hours long so that was a bit of a shock but honestly, it didn’t feel like it was that long. The pacing and the story just flowed so well, it was intermission then over before I expected. I guess it’s considered one of the best movies of all time for a reason. 😃

Since it’s another Friday night, I guess I need to take another look at the list!

March 6, 2023: movie-related

Yep, behind again . . .

February 24’s movie was “The Electrical Life of Louis Wain.” I admit to knowing nothing about the artist or the movie before seeing the blurb on Amazon Prime. I didn’t know what I wanted to watch, I saw Benedict Cumberbatch, and that was enough for me. Having seen the movie, I recognized some of those weird cats, though. Enjoyed the movie. Felt bad for Louis Wain, the real person.

Last Friday I watched “Spotlight,” which I found when I did a search for Mark Ruffalo movies. You can’t go wrong with a Mark Ruffalo movie, can you? This won the Oscar for best picture in 2015 but somehow I managed to miss it entirely (I blame “The Post,” which apparently came out at the same time and sucked up all the oxygen) and had to google the recap. Glad I did! I love these ‘true story’ expose movies when you get to watch the bad guys actually get caught. I hope to see something similar about T/ump in the next few years, if he ever actually has to face justice. Asshole.

Oh, and I saw “Antman: Quantamania” again last Saturday, but this time I took the whole fam. Maybe a mistake because E2 and K grabbed on to the “don’t be a dick” joke pretty quick. If there’s a note sent home from school, it’s note my fault. 🙂

March 5, 2023: It was a dark and stormy night . . .

We had some pretty wicked storms roll through on Friday. No tornados but the winds got up to 70 mph and a huge tree in my daughter’s back yard was knocked down. It didn’t fall on people, houses or cars, thank the lawd. But it was huge.

My grandson, age 8, in front of the overturned root system of a fallen tree.

They rented a chainsaw to help clear away all the trees and debris and

Video of a tree being chopped in half, and the trunk popping back into the root hole

I guess they don’t have to worry about that big hole now. 😄

February 23, 2023: Hello world, it’s been a while . . .

And how. Busy busy busy.

Movies: I watched “The Menu” on February 10 and it was not what I expected. I don’t know what I did expect but it was not that. From the gifs I saw, I thought it was a dark comedy of some sorts but in reality, there was a lot less (like, zero) comedy and a lot more blood and gore and deaths of all kinds. Like I said, not at all what I was expecting.

Last weekend, I watched “Trolls” with my granddaughters. Still a fun movie that you have to sing along and sometimes dance with.

I have no idea what I’m going to watch tomorrow night.

Oh, and I took my grandson to see the new “Antman” last Thursday, the night before the official premiere. I know Rotten Tomatoes disagrees but we really enjoyed it, and the credit scenes (especially the second one) were gasp-worthy. As we were leaving, my grandson asked me why the credits always say “Michael Douglas as Hank Pym” when no one else gets that kind of billing. I told him it was probably in his contract but it could be in his contract because Michael Douglas is a BFD. I was trying to avoid expanding BFD but when E didn’t know what it meant, I ended up saying it anyway. *lol* Luckily, he didn’t ask me why or I might have had to explain movies like “Fatal Attraction” and “Basic Instinct” to a 14-year-old and that would have embarrassed us both.

Works is super busy. I have too many meetings on my calendar and I don’t want to do any of them. On the other hand, I’ve set a new schedule goal that I won’t start a new episode of anything after 9:30 pm. That’s lead to getting to bed earlier and I really feel a difference. I think I’ll stick to it.

February 8, 2023: Spoiler Alert

That was last Friday’s movie and it was as emotional as I expected. Jim Parsons also did a voice over all the way through the movie which was a bit distracting, as I kept listening for a “Young Sheldon”-themed joke but even with that, I still give it a solid 3.5 out of 5.

Also spoiler alert, tomorrow and Friday I’m taking minutes (again) for the Board of Trust meetings (again) because the new secretary to the Board (administration not administrative) apparently can’t do it (again). Which suprises me not at all. Too many queen bees, not enough worker bees. They’ve already mentioned the extra pay, which they surprised me by paying for last year’s transcription, so at least they know this is above and beyond. So whatever. I’m stuck doing this again through the April meetings because again, queen bee doesn’t want to do worker bee stuff. So I get to sit through meetings in enclosed spaces with unmasked people who have been traveling from all over. Will I double mask? Yes, I will. And sit way in the corner away from these germ-riddled rich folks. Ugh.